For those of you who have been following my Instagram feed or other social media, you might be aware that I'd been commissioned to draw a bunch of the British Royals by my friend Diana. With her blessing, I've since made a limited edition, signed and numbered, patron-only print run available for pre-order through the end of this month.

Click here to find out more.

The other thing I recently discovered was that a local Make-A-Wish kid, Cliff, had listed my book, There's a Zombie in the Basement as one of his favorite things! This made my heart want to burst! So, clearly, I had to send him a wish box and a video message.

See the complete story on FB.

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I'm one of the five illustrators in this month's Cuddlefish Gang Art Blog giving tips on drawing babies! Watch me the day after getting vaccinated during one of the few hours I was awake and vertical! Enjoy! ~Stan

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Repped by Peter Ryan at Stimola Literary Studio

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