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Did you know I’m creating some classes for the Cuddlefish Academy?

This is a school for kidlit artists looking to take their art and storytelling to the next level.

Your portfolios or stories could be holding you back if they don’t represent the diversity of the world around you in a respectful way.

I’m going to be launching a class on Drawing Diversity by the end of this year.

This class shares multiple perspectives on drawing diversity from other notable kidlit artists.

And will provide you with hands on exercises that will help you lend your own unique artistic voice to your character designs in a way that celebrates the beauty around us.

Our award-winning kidlit illustration faculty already have classes and lectures up now. Just check my profile linktree for the Cuddlefish Academy link or visit

Thanks so much! Spread the word!


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My book deal has been announced!

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I still didn't run through the limited-edition Comic-Con exclusive copies of Peter Cadaver in San Diego this Summer, and contrary to popular belief, I am doing one more event before I get to working on a top-secret project I hope to let you all know about very soon.

Sunday, November 13th from 11 am - 5 pm, I'll be doing CATicatures (and other types of caricature commissions) and signing books at Catfest at the National Western Stock Show Complex, run by my friend Dana, who ran Choctoberfest, which was so fun and amazing. Here are some videos from that event (I was doing zombie caricatures among other things):

Hope to see you there!


The other thing I wanted to make those of you who are interested in children's book illustration aware of is that I'm one of the instructors for the brand new online Cuddlefish Academy kid lit art school. We've started our own TikTok channel and will be doing a hard launch by year's end. Here's one of the videos I filmed for it:


Stan Yan

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