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I will show up with my easel to draw your party guests on paper. $150 per hour*, minimum of 2 hours. All drawings are bagged.

  • Approximately 12-15 subjects per hour in b&w

  • Approximately 6-8 subjects per hour in color

  • Thematic drawings available (may take additional time)



 I will show up to your trade show booth with my iPad stand, which I can connect to your booth monitor, catching the eyes of passersby. Images are accessible for download to attendees, sharable on social media with your event/company logo right on it!  Approximately 5-6 traditional (non-thematic) drawings per hour in color.

  • Budget Package – $200 per hour*, minimum of 2 hours

  • 3 month cloud storage

  • Digital files emailed

  • Premium Package – $250 per hour*, minimum of 2 hours

  • 3 month cloud storage

  • Digital files emailed

  • 4x6″ prints (requires accessible wifi)


Zoom Party!

Yes, you can hire me to attend your Zoom party (I’ll even host it, since I have a paid account so you can go over 40 minutes). While your family and friends chat, I will draw live caricatures of folks, and as I finish each one, I will share my iPad screen with everyone and run a time lapse video of its creation. After the party, I will e-mail all of the drawings to the party host for distribution to the attendees. (I’ll certainly start with the guest of honor if there is one).


My rate is $150 per hour, minimum of 1 hour. I can draw each subject (heads) digitally on procreate in about 10-15 minutes or so in full color, or 4-6 people per hour. If there are any people that I missed that you would like me to draw, I can take a screen shot of them or have you e-mail me a photo of them and do them at $15 a piece in greytones or $30 a piece in color. (This doesn’t need to be negotiated in advance). 

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