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Art/Writing Instruction:

I’ve been teaching classes and workshops anywhere from 1st grade up to semester-long college courses on visual storytelling. Some workshops I teach include:

  • Character Design (3rd grade and up)

  • Comic Strip Creation (3rd grade and up)

  • Caricature Drawing (6th grade and up)

  • Digital Coloring on Photoshop or Procreate (9th grade and up)

  • Character-Driven Story Writing (9th grade and up)

  • Comic and Cartooning Games (1st grade and up)

Of course, my curriculum can be customized to your needs, and I also provide private lessons and tutoring.My rates are $200 per hour* for a miniumum of 2 hours for up to 30 students (in a school classroom setting). *Above pricing does not include travel and/or lodging outside of the Denver Metro Area. Please contact me for a quote! Video conferencing options available.

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