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There's a Zombie in the Basement

“If Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton got together to write a book, this would be it.”

Welcome to the project page for my picture book, “There’s a Zombie in the Basement”, inspired my son’s fear of my artwork.


Milo won’t fall asleep because he thinks the monsters in the basement are gonna get him. And, if he can’t get to sleep, no one will. Mom and Dad better hope his wild imagination doesn’t get the best of him!


Preorder a copy of my 4th Edition of my popular children's bedtime storybook is getting a makeover to redesign my protagonist, Milo, to more accurately reflect his inspiration, my son. All pre-orders will have an opportunity to get a personalized autograph and sketch in my book if they choose to "NEVER fear to be who they are."

32 page 8″ x 10″ color hardcover $19.95 US

ISBN 978-0975504130 – signed by author

Please REVIEW my book on Amazon

(My Amazon and listings are temporarily OUT OF PRINT, because my 3rd edition ran out and the remaining inventory is currently at my place of residence. Stay tuned news on my 4th edition, with a new cover, and new Milo character design!


“It’s actually helping my son to go to sleep and be less afraid” -Melanie Bingle Marsh (Fang-tastic Reviews)

“…Rhymes Dr. Seuss would’ve loved…” -Nic Rhodes (Zombie Pen)

“I really liked “There’s a Zombie in the Basement” by Stan Yan for the message and the crushed mime.” -Willow Cramer (Age 7) (Reader Review Kids)

“It is written well and it all rhymes. This reminds me of Dr. Seuss.” -Nikki Zeo (Golden Jellybean)

“…liked that the author invited us to draw a picture at the end.” -Ryan L. (LitPick)

“This fun, rhyming book will entertain you and your children and might get your child to realize that those monsters may just be in their minds.” -Bill McManus (Huffington Post)

“…reads like a Dr. Seuss book…” – Jowill (LitPick)

Storytime Pup Pick of the Month: “…fun, superbly illustrated book which will hopefully help kids learn not to be afraid of things they dream up in their imaginations.” – Bill McManus, Storytime Pup

“Frightfully fun…” – W.E. Elliott (Almost Normal Comics)

“While you would think this is not a great book for bedtime…you would be wrong.” -Kris Kaila (My Novelesque Life)

“For parents that are horror fans, especially those who have items or whole collections related to the genre, There’s a Zombie in the Basement would be a great addition to their children’s libraries.” -April Marie (Dread Central)

“Parents can now enjoy a peaceful evening of uninterrupted rest.” -Ken Artuz (DecayMag)

“The story is written in rhyme that is often fun and engaging.” -Blue Ink Review

“Read it, loved it and this needs to be in every child’s collection for sure!” -Daniel Sharner (5280 Geeks)

“It appears that your book, read in my soothing voice, (lol) can help relieve a tiny amount of migraine pain.” -Eddie Cabot (IMHO Podcast)

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