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MG Graphic Novel

Salem Charter Academy

Zombie kids Patty Cadaver and her little brother Peter are entering their first day at SALEM CHARTER ACADEMY, a historically witch-only school now integrating with all monsters. Patty is outpaced by the witch curriculum (spell casting, broom flying, and potion making), and Peter is bullied when his back end transforms into a werewolf. And if that wasn’t enough, their mad scientist father has mysteriously gone missing.

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Late MG GN

Coming, Fall 2025

Kristie Choi at Atheneum has acquired THE MANY MISFORTUNES OF EUGENIA WANG, an upper MG graphic novel by debut author-illustrator Stan Yan pitched as Turning Red meets Goosebumps. Eugenia's party has never been celebrated on her actual birthday, April 4th, because of Mom’s belief in the Chinese superstition that 4 is an unlucky number, which Eugenia thinks is so ridiculous. But when she starts getting visions through her comic artwork of impending doom on 4/4, she’ll have to figure out what’s going on and maybe do something truly horrifying — admit Mom is right. Publication is set for Fall 2025; Ann Rose while at Prospect Agency handled the deal for World rights.

Adult Memoir GN

Regret: a cancer survivor's story

Best friends that grew apart can grow back together, especially when you discover your best friend has cancer: a sobering account of his battle, a reflection on our relationship and thoughts of a future that might not be.

MG Graphic Novel

The Evil Twins

Cat and Tam Siam are the least popular students at Salem Charter Academy for Witches, and being conjoined twin mind-readers doesn’t help. A curse suddenly thrusts them into the 5th grade leadership election, giving them a chance to rehabilitate their reputations or spiral into further shame and alienation. Let’s hope this election won’t break them apart (especially not literally).

Early GN

When Floaty Met Scabby

Floaty is a Band-Aid that has a memory loss problem that causes them to wonder why they find themself floating in a public pool -- that is, until they find Scabby, a scab whose shape exactly matches the heart-shaped stain on their pad. When things go wrong on a quest to find Billy, Scabby’s father, Floaty fears they’ve lost their best friend for good.

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More titles to come...

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