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Salem Charter Academy

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Zombie kids Patty Cadaver and her little brother Peter are entering their first day at SALEM CHARTER ACADEMY, a historically witch-only school now integrating with all monsters. Patty is outpaced by the witch curriculum (spell casting, broom flying, and potion making), and Peter is bullied when his back end transforms into a werewolf. And if that wasn’t enough, their mad scientist father has mysteriously gone missing.

While Patty’s character relationships can be aptly compared to Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel (Square Fish 2015), this coming-of-age story has a plot perhaps more comparable to Jeffrey Brown’s Jedi Academy series (Scholastic, 2014), addressing timely issues of race and class relations and fitting into a new school. 

This graphic novel borrows characters from my picture book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement (Mascot Books, 2016), which has already amassed a fan base of thousands in its successful crowdfunding efforts and subsequent reading tour to 45 schools, bookstores and libraries (and counting), leading to a third printing in early 2019. Besides this, I’ve always had an obsession with monsters and have become well known as a zombie caricature artist locally and on the convention circuit.

View the first 10 pages of dummy art here.

If you want to see the full manuscript, please contact Ann Rose at Prospect Agency (ann (at) prospect agency (dot) com).

Evil Twins of Salem Charter Academy prequel is also in development.

Peter Cadaver appears in his own weekly comic strip at Sunday Ha Ha. Archives can be found here.

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