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Newsletter: June 2024 Edition

Some of you may have noticed that I've redesigned my website. Go check it out at if you haven't yet. I finished the inks for THE MANY MISFORTUNES OF EUGENIA WANG, and I'm still closed to commissions, but you have a chance to get a FREE caricature from me on June 8th during the Lyons Lit Fest. I also have a timetable for Peter Cadaver's return, and I've launched a new class!

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Lyons Lit Fest

Saturday, June 8th, beginning at 10 am, join local authors and illustrators including me at the inaugural Lyons Lit fest. I'll be teaching a class for teens on graphic novel illustration (pre-registration required) from 11-11:50 am, and doing FREE caricatures for attendees from NOON - 2 pm! Click here for more information.


Peter Cadaver

News is that I will be doing a redesign on my characters, but I can't officially say why. What I CAN say is that Peter Cadaver will be relaunched in September with all new strips (albeit, the archive will still be mostly canon). In the meantime, you can visit the arcive at



Strips from April and May. View the archives at


The Many Misfortunes of Eugenia Wang

I'm done with my inks and have turned them into my editor, so I get to wait for notes before starting on colors! In the interim, see some of my related TikTok videos!

If you're on Goodreads, do me a favor and make sure to add THE MANY MISFORTUNES OF EUGENIA WANG to your WANT TO READ list!


Cuddlefish Academy

I'm excited to announce the launch of my newest class: Character Tic-Tac-Toe: Drawing Characters’ Actions and Expressions.

Bring life and clarity to your character illustrations to let your stories shine. In this BIG BITE course, Stan Yan explores the expressive work of masters in the kidlit illustration field, and helps you deconstruct actions and emotions into their base components so you can build your characters back up in your own style and media via a hands-on workshop using deconstructive methodology based on game play.


CHARACTER TIC-TAC-TOE is perfect for the artist looking to elevate the expressiveness of your vague or stiff character illustrations.

My kidlit portfolio review for Melissa Kenny:

Portfolio review for Lana Tihonovich:

My portfolio review for Nakia Pickering:

If you'd like a chance for a FREE 3-minute kidlit art portfolio from me, drop your link in the video comments.

Why Garlic and the Vampire by Bree Paulsen might be a perfect graphic novel:

See more of my reviews and video posts via my TikTok:


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