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My cover art on a new book!


  • Strategically spend your billions to profit and thrive during the zombie apocalypse

  • Prepare your staff (and family) for Armageddon

  • Fortify your mansion, yacht, bunker, or private island against the undead

  • Find a well-bred mate in the wasteland

  • Turn yourself into a scary post-apocalyptic warlord to rule over other survivors

  • And so much more!

Money can’t buy you happiness. But it CAN save you from zombies!

It’s just a matter of time until the dead rise to start munching on the living. When that happens… It's pretty much game over for humanity.

But not everybody has to be devoured by zombies! If you’re part of the 1% now, don’t you want to stay at the top when everybody else turns into stinky, moaning, cannibal corpses?

Well, duh.

Zillionaire is THE essential survival guide for the super-rich, passably rich, or wannabe rich who hope to ride out the inevitable zombie apocalypse in post-apocalyptic luxury. Read it now… before it’s too late!

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