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Excerpts from my SCBWI Winter Conference notes

Every conference, I can't help myself, but I start to sketch the speakers. Since we're virtual, that allows me to do a bit more experimentation, including playing around with a technique called lasso painting, where you use the lasso (or freehand) selection tool to select an area and paint it, so you can get that nice textured look in a defined area without a holding line.

Happily, it's been getting me a lot of notice. As of this morning, this was the twitter stat line:

I've never had luck getting any visibility on Twitter until this weekend. And then, the SCBWI featured my sketch note posts on their blog this morning:

Well, so far, only 2-3 actual publishers/editors have liked any of my posts, but that's kind of the end game is to bring awareness of my work to them so maybe they'll look at my graphic novel projects and/or sign me to illustrate projects.

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