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  • Strategically spend your billions to profit and thrive during the zombie apocalypse

  • Prepare your staff (and family) for Armageddon

  • Fortify your mansion, yacht, bunker, or private island against the undead

  • Find a well-bred mate in the wasteland

  • Turn yourself into a scary post-apocalyptic warlord to rule over other survivors

  • And so much more!

Money can’t buy you happiness. But it CAN save you from zombies!

It’s just a matter of time until the dead rise to start munching on the living. When that happens… It's pretty much game over for humanity.

But not everybody has to be devoured by zombies! If you’re part of the 1% now, don’t you want to stay at the top when everybody else turns into stinky, moaning, cannibal corpses?

Well, duh.

Zillionaire is THE essential survival guide for the super-rich, passably rich, or wannabe rich who hope to ride out the inevitable zombie apocalypse in post-apocalyptic luxury. Read it now… before it’s too late!

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con since 2001! And, if you’ve been visiting my table in the Small Press Pavilion each year in the same place each year (at least for the last 10-15 years) at K-14 on row 1400 in Hall C. Well, this might well be my last year.

Since my beloved booth assistant and best friend Stacey sadly isn’t with us anymore, I won’t be doing zombicatures on site and I won’t be promoting them, but I’ll do mail out commissions off menu if you aren’t in a hurry to get your personal Comic-Con memento. But don’t spread the word, I’m only doing it for my regulars.

Instead, this year, I’ll be promoting my books, my zombie bedtime children’s book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement, and a debut Comic-Con exclusive, Peter Cadaver: Year One. Swing by and get me to sign one of these limited edition collections of the first year of my Sunday Ha Ha comic strips, featuring the future of my Zombie in the Basement zombie girl and her brother, Peter.

Hope to see you there!

Stan Yan

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