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MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURESChoose if you want me to illustrate a caricature of you as a centaur, mermaid, etc. digitally (and e-mail you the finished, print-resolution art as a PDF (or any other format you request) up to 11" x 17" at 300 dpi), or illustrate a caricature of you in ink, marker and colored pencil, and ship you the finished art by mail (8 1/2" x 11"or 11" x 17"). A time lapse video will be created for your drawing. If the number of subjects in your illustration exceeds 5, contact me for a quote and invoicing. Prices start at $30 for a full color single subject pony. Add additional subjects for a $5 discount. Once you've submitted your commission, I will e-mail you with a set of questions about your commission. If you would like it on a sketch cover comic book, choose the 8 1/2" x 11" and then purchase a sketch cover comic book below.

Mythological creature

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