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Thanks to Anna Ashburn for her book recommendation for There's a Zombie in the Basement!

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As you know from my previous post, Comic-Con is doing their convention virtually this year, and it's FREE to "attend"! I just went through their program schedule, and there are a lot of fascinating panels I plan to attend (if I'm not getting inundated with commissions). You can reach my virtual booth via their interactive exhibit hall map by looking for table K-14 in the Small Press Pavilion down row 1400. As you may know, I will be doing discounted caricature commissions if you use promo code "SDCC2020" when you check out, giving you 25% off at I will be producing a time lapse video of each commission I do at no extra charge like the one below:

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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I'm proud to announce my participation in the San Diego Comic-Con's Comic-Con@Home from July 22nd - July 26th with the launch of my new website. One of the cool new features of my WIX site, is it allows me to offer coupons, so during Comic-Con@Home, I'm going to be offering 25% off of my caricature commissions if you use the promo code "SDCC2020" at checkout between July 22nd and 26th.

The other cool thing about doing Comic-Con remotely this year (other than not contributing to the COVID-19 pandemic) is that everyone who is getting a commission will also get a time lapse video of its creation like this:

I will try to do as much of this work real-time during Comic-Con@Home, so keep your eyes here and on my social media! Here is the link to where you can place your commissions.

P.S. I believe that Comic-Con@Home is FREE to attend, so if you haven't ever been to Comic-Con, this might be a good way to get a little taste of the Comic-Con experience!

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